Sunday, October 30, 2016

I love it when the seasons change...the air get's cooler, the clothes get warmer, and colors get a bit more muted. Everything about fall is my absolute favorite. This is the time of year when brighter more poppy makeup takes a backseat in my makeup collection and things become a bit more pantone and monochrome. 

Blush is something that I am a bit obsessed with. Ever since I can remember I have always went a little overboard with the blush trend. I think it gives a bit of life and glow to the skin that no other product can replicate. 

As always, I went a bit overboard with some blush purchases that I feel completely represent just how much I love blusher. 

The brightest of the bunch is the BECCA Luminous Blush in the shade Snap Dragon. This looks extremely bright in the pan, and can look a bit crazy if you go to heavy handed...not that that has happened to me. But, if used lightly it can add this beautiful berry glow to the cheeks. The gold reflects in this blush make it illuminating, hence the name. Win-win.

I love a good bargain and this E.L.F Blush Palette was an awesome deal! In this multi-season appropriate palette, you get four shades for $6!!  For autumn, my favorite two blushers are the ones on the left of the palette. One is a nice plum shade with no shimmer, and the other is more of a light cool pink. Perfect for a more natural looking blush shade. I feel a lot of skin tones could get use out of this palette and I feel for six bucks you can't beat it!

Lastly is a split pan blush from Kat Von D. This is her contouring blush in the shade Hansel and Gretel. Unfortunately, I'm almost certain this has been discontinued, however, you can still find these at TJ Maxx I believe. I love this because it is completely matte and when you use the two shades together you get a really nice terracotta shade and I'm all about that! I happened to luck up and find one of these guys so it's definitely worth going and looking for if you have a TJ near you!

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