Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I know this post is really overdue, every single beauty blogger/vlogger on the planet has tried and reviewed these two pallets...but I thought I would weigh in my thoughts.
Tarte, an all natural and vegan high-end beauty company, is becoming one of my favorite brands, and for good reason. These pallets are packaged beautifully. They have a hard acrylic front and 
with a stunning metallic finish, it's safe to say that these are the most aesthetically pleasing beauty products I own. Tarte has a reputation for super buttery shadows with great pigmentation, and these are no let down. These pallets will sink you a hefty $45 US each..but I think that is an amazing deal considering you get 12 shadows in each and they are extremely versatile. Let's take a look at each pallet individually.
Pictured above, the open pallet is the original tartelette. It is composed of 12 completely matte shades that are a little on the cool side. The great thing about this pallet is that it has awesome shades for setting the eye, many transition shades for the crease, and even a super dark and pigmented black shadow which makes this pallet super versatile and well worth the money in my opinion. I love taking this with me to Freelance gigs because you never know when you need a matte shadow.
 Shown here is the little sister of the original tartelette, the tartelette in bloom. This is personally my favorite because of the warm tones running through the shadows. This pallet does have three shimmery shades, which I love, because that makes this an all-in-one pallet. I personally like a little shimmer on the lid and this makes it super easy to grab one product and have everything you need. Also I find that this pallet has a slight cocoa scent. These shadows are so buttery and smooth they almost feel like cream eyeshadows! 

I definitely think that if you are a makeup lover like me, you may want to head over to a Sephora or Ulta and gives these a gander. They are amazing. However, if you are only looking to pick up one, I would go with the tartelette in bloom, just because it has a good variation of shadow finishes. But..because I'm excessive...I need them both. 

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