Monday, May 29, 2017

Matthew and I have been married now for six months. And these past few months have been some of the most...interesting of my life.

We got married Saturday, January 7th of 2017. We decided not to take a honeymoon because we were both too broke and had to work the next Monday. Instead we decided that we would wait a year and then take a trip on our anniversary. Since being married, I can tell you there are some things that I have learned that I think you will find both humorous and informative.

01. You are stuck together for the rest of your lives. I knew this going into it. However, the reality doesn't really set in until at least 24 hours later. Of course I want to spend the rest of my life with my husband, but it's just strange to think that your years of dating and searching for someone is over. And that's a really cool feeling, kinda like winning a video game, only this is life.  

02. No matter how long you have been with your spouse pre-marriage, he will always find ways to surprise you. I thought I had seen it all, until Matthew made a ham sandwich and took it to the bathroom with him.

03. There will be arguments....lots of arguments. Arguments over the remote, where to eat, why he can't pick up his dirty laundry, why he ate your leftovers...the list goes on and on. There really was no "honeymoon" stage for us, Maybe it's because we skipped out on an actual honeymoon. 

04. Learning to apologize. Because there are so many arguments, you have to learn to say you're sorry. This is something Matthew has gotten really good at lately. No matter what we are fighting over, You have to apologize, otherwise you will never move on. 

05. Things haven't really changed. If you have been cohabitating like Matthew and I before you get married, you realize that things are pretty much the same. We are used to each other. We know what the other person likes, and what they don't. Matthew knows I can't stand when he leaves dirty laundry on the bathroom floor, and yet, he continues to do it. I know that Matthew hates it when I use too many dishes and cups, because he has to do the dishes, but I still do it! 

No marriage is ever going to be perfect. There are always good and bad days. That's something that we were aware of going into this marriage. Both of our parents have been married and divorced more than once. We take their failed marriages as an example of what we do and don't want, and we run with it. No one will ever know what the future holds for us, and that's okay. We are just taking it one day at a time. 

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